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We study the dependence on initial conditions of two recursive filters for cleaning a contaminated time series from additive outliers. We show that the function in the recursive equation is in general not contractive, but nevertheless there exists a stationary solution and two iterates with arbitrary initial conditions coincide after some random time T0. However T0 may be quite large. A method is shown which allows Nike Air Max 2014 White the determination of the position of the center of mass of a four-bar linkage with a non-general mass distribution. The trajectory of this center of mass is shown to be similar to the trajectory of a certain point on the coupler link of this mechanism. The proper choice of an added pantograph device permits the physical tracing of the path of this total center of mass. Frank-Condon factors for H2O+ bands have been calculated. They are used to estimate the photon scattering coefficient g8.0 for the (8,0) band at 6158 Å. Results from a monitoring programme conducted in the Bay of Arcachon between 1979 and 1991 reveal an increase of copper content in oysters harvested in a Nike Air Max 2011 Womens zone located in the vicinity of marinas and mooring areas. This clearly perceptible increase recorded since 1982, may be attributable to the growing use of copper paints subsequent to the antifouling paint regulations adopted in 1982.

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