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Air Max 90 to a statement about the rate

Air Max 90

Treatment of arenes carrying methyl or primary alkyl groups in tetrahydrofuran solution with potassium tert-butoxide activated butyllithium followed by Air Max 90 reaction with formaldehyde gives 2-arylalkanols. In contrast, if prior to the addition of the electrophile a stoichiometric amount of magnesium dibromide Air Max 1 is added then the regioisomeric 2-alkylbenzyl alcohols are formed. Knight shifts of In, Hg and Cd in In-Hg and In-Cd liquid alloys show divergent trends at divalent-metal-rich compositions. It is proposed that this behaviour is due to non-random atomic arrangements in the liquid state. A short probabilistic proof of Kallenberg's theorem [2] on thinning of point processes is given. It is extended to the case where the probability of deletion of a point depends on the position of the point and is itself random. The proof also leads easily to a statement about the rate of convergence in Renyi's theorem on thinning a renewal process. Microwave spectra of the molecules 16O13C34S, 17O12C32S, 16O12C36S, 18O12C34S, 16O13C33S in their natural abundances were investigated within the range 280–510 GHz. Rotational and centrifugal distortion constants are determined for the molecules in each vibrational state observed. For the first three molecules some constants of the vibrational-rotational interaction are also obtained.

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